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Introducing WP Make Over...

WP Make Over is a Revolutionary New WordPress Plugin that we have developed ourselves, like nothing else on the market, in high demand by WordPress users!

Fantastic Features

Create beautiful, branded WordPress based dashboards with your own branding and color schemes

Hide ugly and dangerous WordPress controls from your clients’ view

Prevent hackers from accessing your site

Eliminate unnecessary support calls

Keep your site from breaking due to WordPress updates

Concentrate on securing new customers instead of having to deal with the same customers over and over again!

My Story; Why I Needed WP MakeOver (and you do too!)

But first let me tell you a story, that you might be familiar with.

When I started getting clients paying me $500 to develop websites for them, I thought that I had it made! Boy, I was in for a big shock, as I saw my profit margins dwindling to nothing, and I lost all hope...

This happened last year.

I started marketing my services to local clients and was able to secure a couple of clients who paid me $500 to develop websites for them. One was a plumber, and the other was real estate agent.

This was awesome, as I was using free WordPress software, which is the most popular and well-used platform to build websites of all types. So my profit margin was huge. “Yes!” I thought to myself, “This beats $10 commissions any day!”

Of course, I wanted to provide a good service to my clients, so I had committed myself to providing one-year support. Little did I know what was going to happen next.

3 AM Wake Up Call

One night at 3 am (just like Hillary Clinton said), during a restful nights’ sleep, I got a panicked call from my plumbing client.

It woke up my whole house. Needless to say, my wife was extremely upset.

I picked up the phone, knowing I’d have to deal with that problem later.

I heard a desperate voice on the other side: “My site is broken. You have to come and fix it now!”

I wasn’t even properly awake, and could barely think straight.

“Now? Can’t it wait until the morning?”

“No I need it NOW! I told you that I provide emergency services. My clients call me at all hours of the night, and now I don’t know what to do!

I depend on my reputation for immediate service and my competitor is going to eat me up because of this.

I can’t wait. I need you to fix it now!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I was clicking on something in the dashboard and then everything just stopped working.”


I have to come to fix your site because you were messing around with things you weren’t supposed to be messing around with?

But that wasn’t all.

More WordPress Problems

Every time WordPress would update the site, my custom theme and plugins would be messed up. So I would get more support calls and have to go back and fix my client sites.

And, of course, do you think that my customers would learn their lesson and stop fidgeting on the dashboard? Nooooooo.

They kept trying to “fix” and “adjust” things that they had no idea about.

The result? More 3am emergency calls.

It was a support nightmare. I kept having to deal with these clients and had no time to take on new clients.

In fact, I was reluctant to take on new clients, because that would just multiply my support headaches !

When I spoke to other local marketers, I found that they had the same problems, but they were even worse off.

You see, many marketers aren’t programmers, and so when they get their 3am emergency calls, they can’t get in touch with their outsourcers.

Or their outsourcers are busy.

And if the outsourcer has to drop everything to take care of this, then they charge extra fees for the emergency service.

So now you end up LOSING money, because of all the money you have to pay out in support charges, in addition to the up front charges.

And God forbid if there is a hack because they decided to use such a simple username and password that any newbie hacker could figure out! What a nightmare…

That’s not how this was supposed to work.

There had to be a solution.

WP MakeOver was Born

Well, to cut a long story short, that’s how WP Make Over was born!

Vivek and I were able to develop our own solution that:

Hid all the unnecessary controls from our clients

Prevented hackers from accessing our sites

Stopped WordPress from updating the site and breaking our themes and plugins

On top of that, we can now change the look of the dashboard completely, so that no one will ever know that we are using free WordPress software. So we can charge the prices we deserve to get, without any questions being asked.

After beta testing out with our own clients, we now give you WP Makeover!

Why do you need WP Makeover?

People create their client’s website and many times they want to hide many awful features of wordpress, like news, meta boxes, their products which is on sales, announcements and many others

People create custom themes and pluigns, which sometimes break when Wordpress gets updated or is accidently updated by their clients, these results in frustration and rework

Sometimes it is necessary to remove certain options from the wordpress dashboard like plugins, themes, settings or tool sections or you may like to completely remove the admin bars

People sometimes like to provide their clients easy to access the login url apart from traditional login wordpress login (wp-admin)

Here’s What WP MakeOver Can Do :-

Change The Default Color Scheme

Add Custom Logo to Login and Dashboard

Remove meta boxes that show news updates, products from wordpress

Remove footer credits

Stops all auto updates / updates of wordpress themes plugins and wordpress core

Remove wordpress update notices

Disable or enable individual menus and submenus of dashboard, media pages, comments, appearances, plugins, users, tools, settings

Completely disable or enable Admin Bar

Customize admin bar links and options to show or hide various settings or posts, page and site customizations

Reset particular or all databases or reset the whole wordpress site

Customize login, Registration, Lost Password and Logout URLs

Change Login and Logout Redirect

Change the wp-admin slug to custom slug e.g. (wp-admin to user)

Watch WP MakeOver in Action

Infinite Potential

This Plugin has infinite potential, which not only help to fine tune your personal sites but will massively help in your web development business, it will definitely give you ease of mind so that you can be more productive and dedicated in expanding your business

The biggest problem a new marketer faces in the competitive market is how to reduce his costs and make profit by serving is customers the best, customer satisfactions is most important factor for your business, as a happy customer will always prefer you for his new service requirements and will be willing to pay you more

In the end you will always want to make things simple for your customers so that you can safe your and your clients time from unnecessary training and supports

WP Make Over helps you to maximize your profits and helps you to save money in long run, as you must concentrate in expanding your business rather than getting stuck and loosing your precious time and money in rectifying your previous unsatisfied customer

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Unrestricted White Label License with Sales Page, JV Page, Email Swipes and PSD Files

WP Make Over Dev. Rights

Q. What is White Label Rights?

A. You Get Unrestricted Rights to the Plugin

Q. What are the differences between the different licenses?

A. The Single Site and Multi-Site Licenses are for Personal use only. The Developer's License is for work on client sites (which you can sell) and your own sites.

Q. Do you have OTOs?

A. Yes, of course! OTO1 is an Extended License, so that you can sell up to 1000 copies of the plugin and keep 100% of the profits.

OTO2 is the Whitelabel version, with email swipes and a done for you sales page

OTO3 is a Whitelable Software Bundle

Q Support Details?

A. Please Create a Support Ticket Here Support

We developed this plugin ourselves from scratch, so you will get the best support possible.


Vivek Sharma

Yaz Stone